Commercial expertise.
Innovative solutions.

The founders of My Generation have decades of experience working with public and private partners to find solutions to development and regeneration challenges in England.

The team bring a wealth of experience from an array of sectors including corporate finance, housing, property investment and fund management.

This blend of commercial expertise and public sector synergy allows My Generation to develop innovative solutions addressing some of the most crucial issues in UK markets today, seeking successful outcomes for all stakeholders.

Property Management.

My Generation Property Management Ltd are the property managers for Help to Own developments. My Generation aims to preserve and enhance the value of Help to Own developments, for the benefit of both tenants and investors. As part of My Generation’s Property Management service we are responsible for:

  • Day-to-day liaison with Help to Own tenants
  • Financial administration of Help to Own rent and Loyalty Accounts
  • Developing sustainable Help to Own communities for the long term
  • Fulfilling My Generation’s obligations under leases
  • Ensuring tenant compliance with leases

Our Property Management are on-hand to respond to any queries from Help to Own tenants. Please email for assistance.

Asset Management.

My Generation are bringing forward ground-breaking investment schemes backed by institutional investors from both the public and private sectors. My Generation’s investors range from local authorities striving to improve the lives of their constituents, to private pension funds targeting responsible investments that generate returns for their members.

With decades of experience in corporate finance, private equity, property investment and fund management, the My Generation team are well placed to discuss opportunities that can drive change and prosperity.

Creating a pathway to home ownership through market renting

The Help to Own scheme is My Generation’s response to the rising pressure of the UK housing crisis, bringing forward residential property developments that support people struggling to access the property ladder.

Phase 1 is being rolled out across the West Midlands in early 2021 and offers an array of benefits to investors:

  • Accelerates the construction of new homes
  • Increases the opportunity for home ownership
  • Affordable long-term private rental
  • Flexible tenant benefits – No deposit, builds a cash Loyalty Account
  • Option to buy property on 20th anniversary

For more details head to or arrange a call with our Commercial Director by emailing